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1   Link   Recreation Sites and Trails
You'll find all the Forset Sevice Rec Sites here.
2   Link   BC Provincial Parks
The BC Parks website contains a wealth of information about exploring, understanding and caring for these special places.
3   Link   Wells Gray Provincial Park
Wells Gray has something to offer every outdoor interest: lush alpine meadows, excellent birding and wildlife viewing opportunities; hiking for every ability, ranging from a few minutes on a level trail to many days with a map and compass; boating, canoeing and kayaking.
4   Link   North Thompson River Provincial Park
A lovely campground situated at the confluence of the Clearwater and North Thompson Rivers. Popular with travellers on Hwy #5, with young families, or as a base camp for visitors exploring Wells Gray Park and the Clearwater area.
5   Link   Bridge Lake Provincial Park
Bridge Lake Park is made up of two land parcels. The developed parcel is a popular, small campground located on the south end of Bridge Lake near the community of the same name. A short walking trail skirts the lakeshore. Rainbow, lake trout and burbot are eagerly sought by anglers.
6   Link   Emar Lakes Provincial Park
A chain of large and small lakes, potholes and wetlands in a forested setting in the upper Emar Creek watershed, offering small, user-maintained, wilderness campsites, and a circular canoe route with short portages.
7   Link   Eakin Creek Canyon Provincial Park
Many interesting geological features are found in this short section of narrow canyon on Eakin Creek. Special features in the park is a small, narrow rock canyon with steep walls, natural tunnels and rock outcrops. Note that no camping or day-use facilities are provided here.
8   Link   Eakin Creek Flooplain Provincial Park
Special features in this park consist of a valley floodplain in IDFmw with large, old red cedars, cottonwoods, red-oiser dogwood, devil's club, oak fern and lady fern. Old growth Douglas-fir and pine grass are also a dominant part of this landscape. Another important aspect of this park is it's low elevation talus slopes with rock outcrops and associated microclimates (ice has been reported in shaded hollows even in summer). A good place for birding. Note that no camping or day-use facilities are provided here.
9   Link   Dunn Peak Protected Area
Dunn Peak Protected Area is a large wilderness area noted for important wildlife habitat, outstanding backcountry recreation opportunities, and spectacular mountain scenery. Note that no camping or day-use facilities are provided.
10   Link   Callaghan Lake Provincial Park
Callaghan Lake is a prime year round backcountry recreation area. The Callaghan Lake area receives an average snow pack of 275 centimetres, which may yield 150 days of skiing. In addition, the rolling subalpine terrain is well suited to Nordic Skiing, and the steeper slopes surrounding the gentle valley floor and meadow offer telemark and ski touring opportunities.

Other opportunities at this park include rustic lakeside camping, canoeing, boating, fishing and hiking. There are numerous wetlands and small lakes, especially in the southern and eastern areas of the park, and in the upper headwaters of Callaghan Creek.
11   Link   Taweel Provincial Parks
*Note* - Road is 4x4 only!

A picturesque large lake, connected with trail network to smaller lakes, in an area noted for fishing, hiking, and nature appreciation in a wilderness setting. Note that there are no camping or day-use facilities provided, and there are private resorts and cabins on Taweel Lake (at the east end of the lake, outside the park).
12   Link   High Lakes Basin Provincial Park
This park contains a small group of medium-sized lakes containing wild trout stocks. This is unusual in the interior. The park also represents an ecosystem of Engelmann Spruce-Sub-alpine Fir forest on the Nehalliston plateau. This is a wilderness area with opportunities for hiking and hunting. Some primitive user-maintained camping areas have been established.
13   Link   Bonaparte Provincial Park
Set on the Bonaparte Plateau, a large mid-elevation plateau lake setting has no roads. The area has wild fish stocks and high wilderness recreation values for hiking, canoeing, wildlife viewing, hunting, and adventure tourism. There are unique geological features including the volcanic plug of Skoatl Point and Stockton Hill south of Bare Lake. Only very rustic camping sites exist, so visitors must be self-sufficient and be prepared for wilderness camping. The park also contains many trails and four fly-in fishing resorts.
14   Link   Green Lake Provincial Park
Green Lake is made up of 11 parcels of land. Six of these parcels have developed facilities. The open rangeland and mixed forests of aspen and lodgepole pine found here are typical of the Cariboo's landscape. Green Lake is one of the larger bodies of water in the southern portion of the Cariboo. The lake is about 14 km long averaging 1.5 km in width with an irregular shoreline of approximately 57 km. The lake has a low flushing rate and together with the chemical composition of the warm shallow waters, creates the greenish hue giving the lake its name.
15   Link   Ruth Lake Provincial Park
Ruth Lake is a recreational day use area popular with local residents for fishing and swimming. A grassy area overlooks a small beach. The remainder of the park is undeveloped forest above the lake. This open forest of fir and pine shades large boulders or "erratics," reminders of the great ice sheets of 10,000 years ago.
16   Link   Schoolhouse Lake Provincial Park
This park was identified for protection in the Cariboo-Chilcotin Land-Use Plan and it protects representative ecosystems within the Cariboo Plateau Eco-section. It is almost circular in shape, and protects rolling forested country with a number of medium sized lakes.

Backcountry hiking, fishing and camping opportunities exist, although access to the park is limited.
17   Link   North Thompson Islands Provincial Park
An area of large, undisturbed, floodplain islands in the North Thompson River, containing braided channels, sand-bars and river-bank. Note that no camping or day-use facilities are provided here.
18   Link   North Thompson Oxbows East Provincial Park
North Thompson Oxbows East Park protects a stretch of wide meandering river system with a high level of diversity in a very productive part of the upper North Thompson river lowlands.

Special Features:
This park protects small patches of old growth hybrid spruce and subalpine fir.
19   Link   North Thompson Oxbows Jensen Island Provincial Park
An oxbow feature in the North Thompson River lowlands. Note that no camping or day-use facilities are provided here.

Special Features:

The oxbow fills in spring freshet and dries through the summer, to create a seasonal range of riparian habitats.
20   Link   North Thompson Oxbows Manteau Provincial Park
A wide, meandering river system containing floodplain wetlands, numerous oxbow lakes, sandbars, back channels, levees, along the glacier-fed North Thompson River. Note that no camping or day-use facilities are provided here.

Special Features:

This park protects a wide meandering river system with a high level of diversity. This section of river is a very productive part of the North Thompson River.
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